About Us

I've had the opportunity to work all over The West Coast and Atlanta Area ranging from night clubs/private events, festivals, to sold out arenas. Listed below are a few examples of the work I've done: 
                                                               Commercial /training:                                                                                       Clubs/Events:                                                                                                          Kimpton Hotels-The Woodmark, In house dining                                 Kiss 104 Family Soul Fest with Sasha the DIva
                                             MARTI Transportation.com -Media Specialist                                          Sasha The Diva "Fix my life viewing Party"
                                                Too Short concert- Comcast Commercial              
   Ladies Night Tour-Showare Center (Kc & JoJo,Jerimih, Silk, Genuwine)
                                                Thizz Nation Duna- Comcast commercial                                              Show Box (Sodo)-DJ Chill/Techn9ne

                                                                      Videographer for Steady Made Music's Pimpen aint Dead Tour with Too Short.
                                                                                                                Summer Jams KUBE 93.3 
                                                                                                       Kube 93.3 Events (With Eddie Francis)
                                                                               Tour Videographer for Chillest Illest (Strange music/ Tech n9ne)
                                                                                                        Atlanta's Caribbean Carnival -ACCBA 
                                                                                                                      Music Video:
                                                  Stacey Israel-"Don't know what 2 say"                            Chillest illest "4 Loco"
                                                Town Bidness-"Leave the boi smelly"                               709 ent "loving you"

pre production, Story boarding, production, post production editing, Live streaming, lighting, Sound quality, Lighting

Dru White has over 150 video on the net. Dru White's videos have been on over 50 different websites including Atlanta"s Kiss 104, Seattle KUBE 93.3, StrangeMusic, Illest entertainment, Thizz NW, Stacking Kickz clothing, and countless Club promoters and artists web pages.

We understand family; we have our own. And  we're dedicated to preserving yours in photo.

We take great pleasure in showcasing our style and philosophy on personal photography. We understand the ties and love that are formed in families, and we're dedicated to bringing out those bonds and memories.